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Bruce Foerster Expert Witness Activity


Primary Capital Markets/Syndicate: Public Offering/New Issue/IPO Processes | Corporate Finance/Investment Banking Transaction Fees | Finder's Fees | Operation and Mechanics of Secondary Equity and Taxable Fixed Income Markets (Common Stock, Corporate Bonds, Mutual Funds, Preferred Stock, Warrants/Rights, Over-the-Counter Options) | NASDAQ Market Making | Auction Market Operation | Going Private Process New Issue Investment Suitability | Unauthorized Trading, Churning | Due Diligence: New Issue Fraudulent Misrepresentation/Non-Disclosure/Material Misstatement or Omission | New Issue Commitment and Marketing Committees | Securities Firm Employee Compensation | Recruiting and Retention | Raiding | Securities Firm Management, Integration, and Valuation | Venture Capital and Private Equity Processes

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Items of Note

Private and Public Company and Mutual Fund Corporate Governance and Director/Trustee Fiduciary Duty | FINRA Industry Arbitrator (#A14924) | Held Series 7, 24 and 63 Securities Licenses 1972-1996 and 1999-2008 | Member Securities Experts Roundtable since 2003


Case Preparation and Advice | Formal "Expert" Opinion/Report | Testimony at Deposition, Hearing and/or Trial


Total 76 Cases | 40 for Plaintiff | 36 for Defendant


Testified 17 Times and Submitted 1 Indication of Testimony | Submitted 4 Rebuttals | Submitted 22 Expert Reports/Opinions | Submitted 3 Rebuttals to Opposing Expert Opinion | Submitted 2 Indications of Expert Opinions | Submitted 1 Affidavit Summarizing Expected Expert Opinion | Submitted 3 Declarations of Expert Opinions | Composed 5 Draft/Preliminary Expert Reports/Opinions | Deposed 18 Times | Submitted 1 Interrogatory | Prepared 1 Primary Points for Expert Witness Testimony in Connection with Deposition