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About Us

South Beach Capital Markets offers strategic, financial and transactional advice, and counsel to company chief executive, chief financial officers, and to boards of directors. Principals of the firm also conduct a securities expert witness practice, advise on corporate governance and business ethics, and consult with securities broker-dealers on capital markets and investment banking.

Mission Statement

South Beach Capital Markets offers advice and counsel.

To Boards of Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and Chief Financial Officers on:

Capital Markets: | Primary Market Access via Public Offering or Private Placement | Secondary Market Research Coverage and Trading/Market Making

Corporate Finance: | Balance Sheet Structure | Credit Ratings Agency Presentation | Dividend Policy | Stock Repurchase | Corporate Governance | Corporate Ethics | Financial/Investor Public Relations| Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process | Investment Bank Relationship Management | Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures (M and A)

To Securities Firms On:

Asset Gathering: | "Chinese Wall" Procedures and Integration/Coordination of Capital Markets with Institutional Sales/Trading and Investment Banking | Personnel Retention and Compensation Structure | Research Coverage | Solicitation of Investment Banking Mandates | Strategic Direction and Profitability Enhancement

To Wealth Managers:

Best Practices | Exit Strategies | Liquidity Events| Marketing | Profitability Enhancement

Core Values

Honesty, Ethics, Integrity-Client Before Firm-Always | Teamwork and Respect for Each Other | Knowledge Derived from Experience and On-Going Self-and Third-Party Education | Humility to Admit What the Firm Is Not Rather Than to Trumpet What It Is

We are devoted to the creation and refinement of a corporate and individual cultural commitment to the discovery of truth, the preservation of client confidentiality and the pursuit of professional excellence. Success at work starts at values matter.

South Beach Capital Markets knows its limits and plays to its strength - providing straight-forward advice and counsel, delivered in confidence, to enhance shareholder value. Clients will hear what we think, not what we think they want to hear, and we value the ability to listen over the ability to talk.